If you would like to contribute to improve NPA, or adapt it for your own needs, then please checkout the latest sourcecode. NPA is released under the GPL version 3 license. This means if you are permitted to view and change the source code for your own use. If you wish to redistribute NPA, you must contribute any changes you make back to the project, or otherwise make them available to others, under the terms of the GPL. NPA was designed using Netbeans 6.8, using the Groovy plugin. It requires the following to compile and build correctly:
  • Apache Ant 1.7+
  • Sun Java 1.5.0 JDK
  • GNU Tar
  • GNU Gzip
  • GNU Zip
  • Git
To checkout a copy of the latest unstable code, run:
				git clone	
				git -b my_branch 		

This will clone the git repository and create new local branch called my_branch. The master branch contains unstable code, and there will also be a 1.*_patches branch at all times for the latest stable releases.


To compile NPA, cd to the git repository location on your machine and type ant jar. If you have all the required dependencies, then this will compile a new JAR file. You can start the JAR file by running the npa script in the bin directory.

Contributing Code

If you have a patch you wish to contribute back to the code, please create a patch file using the git patch commands. To do this, make changes to your local branch. Before merging the code anywhere else, you will need to create a diff with the master branch.
				git format-patch master --stdout > my_fixes.patch
Now, just send that file to me at disciple3d AT gmail DOT com, and I'll review your fix and apply it to the code.